How to decide which sewing machine should you purchase?

Sewing machines, at least when it comes to choosing one, aren’t so different from cars, laptops, or swimming pools. In fact, when it comes to a sewing machine, reading reviews online is virtually required.

Of course, you can close your eyes and choose one, so to speak, but you risk getting a sewing machine that is far too complicated for you or, perhaps worse, one that is too simple and thus doesn’t have all the features you need.

Of course, there’s more than just customer satisfaction to consider. There are hundreds of sewing machines out there that have produced satisfied customers. But no two customers are quite alike; each person wants to do something slightly different. Thus, the first analysis is self-analysis. Ask yourself some questions to get you started:


How many stitches should your machine be able to produce for you? (If you’re not sure what this question means, get a beginnermachine!) What type of stitches do you intend to use your machine for? Many beginners get a beginner machine, which is suited for their needs, but they often find they need to buy a better machine quickly after purchasing their first one. Get a machine that’s just above your skill level, so you can use its features as you improve.

Do you need to sew button holes?

This is a unique type of stitch, and your machine will either be capable of doing it, or it won’t. Don’t force a machine not calibrated for button holes to try and make them.

Will you take it places?

Some machines are best left on a permanent table—like a desktop computer—and some are easily taken around with you, like a laptop. Decide when and where you’ll be using your machine.

Tech level?

There are simple machines that might as well have come out in 1920, and then there are high-tech futuristic sewing machines that can fly and… well, suffice it to say they’re pretty high-tech. Decide what you’re comfortable with.

How much are you willing to spend?

Your budget will play a big role in how you decide to purchase. If you have a huge budget, get a super-beginner machine to start, then move up to a new one quickly. If you have a tiny budget, get a mid-level machine with basic features that you can keep and use for a long time.

Presser feet?

Decide ahead of time how many you’ll need.

Will you do quilting?

If you plan on doing big projects like this, make sure you invest in a bigger table.

What kind of fabric will you use?

If you plan on using heavy, hard-to-sew fabrics like denim (or, at the extreme, leather), you’ll have to get a more heavy-duty machine that can handle those big, heavy stitches.

Check out some of these reviews to decide which machine is best for you, and keep your answers to the above concerns in mind as you read, because these reviews will address many of those questions so that you can make the best possible decision for your specific needs.


Brother CS6000i – Brother manufacturers this advanced-featured machine, featuring seven varieties of one step button-holes of auto size, and 60 built in stitches. It features an especially wide table for its class, to accommodate the advanced quilting expert.

Rife with modern technology this machine also features an automatic needle-threader and a LCD display. But all that fancy technology doesn’t mean it breaks often or easily—the manufacturer has enough confidence in its durability that they offer a 25-year limited warranty.

And at a reasonable price, this machine makes a great buy for the experienced and budget-conscious quilter. Full features and a good price make this a recommended buy, if your skill level is up to it. Read Full Review Here

Singer 9960 – The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine works for every experience and skill level, and is considered one of the best sewing machines available for the money. With a multitude of features, and working well in virtually any style, this makes a great machine for the learner who expects to do a lot of sewing over the next few decades.

It’s the kind of machine that’s easy enough for a beginner to use, but has enough features that as you grow as a seamstress, you can start to learn its more advanced features and gain ever more experience in a variety of styles. It features a large table for quilting and other big projects, and a crystal clear LCD display. Read More Here

Brother SE400 – This Brother sewing and embroidery machine is one of the cooler models out there, and it comes highly recommended. It has a full battery of 67 built-in sewing stitches. It makes fantastic embroidery, as well with its 70 built in designs and over a hundred different frame pattern.

Finally, and most amazingly, it comes standard with five different lettering fonts for adding text to your embroidered creations. The age of technology has truly changed sewing forever, because now you can use your computer (and the handy USB port built right into the machine) to add your own fonts into it, so the options are truly limitless, and it makes a great monogram machine. This is a great buy for the (somewhat) budget-conscious sewer who needs a full range of features. Click Here For Full Review.

Brother 1034d Serger – This Brother serger machine is made for edging and hemming, and handles a vast array of different fabrics and styles. The snap-on creative feet make changing styles a breeze; this machine is perfect for anyone who looks to be able to handle hemming formal wear, or decorative edging.

A differential in the fabric feed makes for a sleek finish that looks like it came straight from the designer’s factory—or better. And with a 25-year limited warranty and instructional DVD, this machine is all around easy to use. Find out More

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