Pros and Cons of Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

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The DZ1234 Serger is the latest sewing machine from the top maker, Brother International. Through the years, it has earned its reputation as a quality maker and supplier of excellent products, catering to embroidery and sewing amateurs and professionals.

Today, let’s see if the DZ1234 Serger can shine in the sewing machine category, too.

DZ1234 Serger Product Features

  • Portable and Sleek: It weighs only 18.1 pounds and measures 15.2 inches x 13 inches x 13.2 inches. Carry it anywhere with ease and convenience!


  • Well-conceptualized, designed and made: Now, you don’t have to worry about making many stitches, as the DZ1234 Serger can make up to 1,300 stitches per minute.


  • Highly controllable: Manipulate and change the width stitches in any clothing creation with the DZ1234 Serger! Adjust them between 3 and 7 millimeter. The feed ratio can also be adjusted between .7 to 2 millimeters. These features help you cope up with different fabrics at the same time.


  • Piping foot, gathering foot and blind hemstitch: Now, you don’t have to worry about making hems and custom edges to whatever design you’re working on.

It comes with a gathering foot that requires no pins at all.

Then, there is the piping foot comes in handy for holding and guiding zippers in place. With that being said, it means that you can also change zippers so easily as compared to using traditional sewing machines.

Last but not the least is the blind hemstitch, which comes to the rescue for its adjustable open toe, allowing you to decorate any edges or to apply any utility stitch without a sweat.

  • Color-coded threading system: Add up more colors to your clothing! With the DZ1234 Serger, you will not meet any problems while using several threads or making new lines. You need to follow the color coded thread system and you will be just fine.


  • User-Friendly: It gives you the freedom for designing or creating any new clothes for yourself or loved ones, as it comes with an operation CD, techniques CD, techniques book and a operation manual.


  • Starter kit: Get started right away with the two sets of thread that comes with the product.

Who Should Buy the DZ1234 Serger?

It is for someone who loves to use a portable, speedy and SMART sewing machine that can adjust to his needs. It can work as fast as 1,300 stitches per minute and it can be adjusted to work on just about any fabric, too. You can control the stitch’s width as well as the feed ratio on any clothing you’re working.

The DZ1234 Serger is for fashion designers and enthusiasts who work on many types of fabric because it allows them to create couture quality clothing with lovely seam finishes quickly. It can make seam finishes that stay even when using lightweight and thin fabrics, too.

Snap shot of Product Pros:

  • Can make up to 1,300 stitches per minute

  • Portable with its lightweight and handy design

  • Can work on just about any fabric for its ability in accommodating any decorative zippers, ruffles and fabric strips

  • Comes with a 25-year of limited warranty

Snap shot of Product Cons:

  • Can be complicated to use for a newbie (But the operation CD, techniques CD, techniques book and user manual come to the rescue!)

Is The DZ1234 Serger Recommended?

DZ1234 Serger’s intelligent design and features make it stand out from other sergers in the market. If you were buying your first sewing serger, the DZ1234 Serger may deserve a second look.

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