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Benefits of Using Brother Designio Series DZ820E: Discontinued

Brother is one of the brands that are known for their products that come with high quality. This is the reason why the Brother DZ820E being featured in this article is highly recommended to everyone who is looking forward to getting the one of the best embroidery machine in town.

If you are going to purchase Brother Designio Series DZ820E, here are the different benefits that you will be able to get:

Large Embroidery area:

One of the things that you should consider when you are purchasing a machine for your embroidering activity is to make sure that it provides enough space. In order for you to create a good design and produce a good result, you need a bigger space where you can put all the things that you need throughout the process.

With this, Brother is giving you a bigger space with this embroidery machine. You will be able to create your design in a 5”x7” space.

If you are working on multiple projects, you will love the additional frames of 4”x 4” and 2.5”x 1” as well.

USB Port and Built in memory:

With all the technological advancements that are already present in every aspect of life, it is not too much to ask for innovation in the world of embroidery. DZ820e has conveniently located built in USB port which allows you to use USB memory sticks in order to make the importation of designs easier.

This machine also has Built-in memory which gives you the freedom to save your designs on built in machine’s memory.

Embroidery Choices:

One of the most important features of an embroidery machine is the number of design options that are available. It has 136 embroidery designs that are built in, two hundred additional designs that come on CD. If these are not enough you will be delighted to know that this machine is compatible so you can purchase more design from their and go wild with your dreams.

Six lettering fonts and pattern combinations of 120 frame will help you make professional designs like never before.

Automatic Needle Threading:

If you hate threading, DZ820e advanced threading system will not disappoints you. Through your glasses away, you won’t need those for at least threading the needle. You only have to press the lever on Dz820e and it will thread the needle automatically.

LCD Touch Screen Display:

You don’t have to rush to your computer to view the tutorials, its 1.4″ x 2.7″ LCD touch screen allow you to see the built-in tutorials. You can also view the design editing features right there on LCD.

Embroidery is one of the most creative activities that have started to circle around different places for many years already. So, if you want to become successful in this type of activity, choose the machine like Brother DZ820E that will be able to give you not only the tools that you need but most importantly, a variety of options for your designs.

Pros and Cons of Brother SE400

If you are looking for Brother SE400, it is discontinued by the Brother. There is a newer version of this: Brother SE600.

Click here to see the price of SE600 from Amazon.

If you like sewing and doing embroidery work, then Brother SE 400 is the right machine for you.

 It works as a sewing and embroidery machine, perfect for making one of a kind gift, personalizing linens or adding monograms on clothing. Further, it is one of the most dynamic and multi functional machines available in the market today.

Here’s why.

What you can do with Brother Se400:

Brother SE400 is a computerized combination machine that allows you to do embroidery and sewing within your budget.

  • If you are embroidery person and variety inspires you then you will love the 67 sewing stitches offered by brother se400. It also gives you the ability to use 98 stitch functions for the embellishment of home decor and clothes.

  • Monogramming and embroidery become fun for you with the five letters fonts and seventy decorative designs provided by this machine.

  • LCD touch screen display that allows you to access designs, view tutorials and control design editing features.

  • Seven point feed dogs helps you take control over fabric so you can stitch with great precision.

  • Brightly lit workspace, particularly in the needle area helps you focus on task.

The Pros:

Here are the reasons why this sewing and embroidery machine is worth buying for.

  • It allows you to personalize your work, making any clothing, linen or any other fabric reflect your own personality and style. It also encourages more creativity since you get to imprint any embroidered designs of your choice.

  • The automatic needle threader and thread cutter gives nothing but ease and convenience.

  • It comes with a USB cable allowing you to connect the machine to a computer and import and transfer embroidery designs directly on the sewing machine.

  • It is compact, lightweight and portable, enabling you to bring the machine anywhere you go. This means you can work anywhere too.

  • The machine is very easy to use and despite being lightweight, it is sturdy and stays in place every time you sew.

  • You can sew different types of fabric so you are not limited to just one or two materials.

  • Aside from the different types of decorative stitches, the sewing machine also comes with a variety of feet e.g. buttonhole foot, zipper foot, monogramming foot and many more.

The Cons:

Despite its great features, there are minor issues with Brother SE400 machine.

  • The embroidery area is not spacious enough since you are limited to 4” x 4” designs. There are so many designs that are more than this which needs to be resized if you really want to use it. Although, space may be ideal only for beginners.

  • Brother SE 400 like brother CS6000i only supports 120V AC. If you live in a country that doesn’t support 120V AC don’t go for it.

In summary, the Brother SE400 is a perfect tool for home sewers and starting designers. At an affordable price, you can get a quality and reliable embroidery and sewing machine in one. It may not be a perfect machine but it’s definitely worth every penny.

Se400 is discontinued by the Brother. There is a newer version of this machine: Brother SE600.

Click here to see the price of SE600 from Amazon.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for Brother PE770, then you have come to the right site. You can check it’s availability from Amazon.

There is a newer model of this machine: PE800. View Brother PE800 from Amazon.

Are you looking for the embroidery machine that could take your embroidery endeavors to the next level? You may want to consider the Brother PE770.

Let’s find out if this embroidery machine deserves a second look.

Brother PE770 Product Features

  • Reputable maker

No one could ever doubt on how reputable Brother International Corporation is. It has proven itself for many years, and until now is still one of the best quality makers of top sewing machines and embroidery equipment. It offers a wide range of high-edge accessories, too! Brother offers nothing but ease of use and convenience to customers at extremely affordable prices.

  • Innovative Features

The Brother PE770 comes with five-inch by seven-inch embroidery area. It has its own USB port, built in memory and 136 embroidery designs. What more could you ask for? There is nothing more than using six quality fonts that could turn your dreams into reality! All are installed and made for a very rewarding and time saving embroidery experience!

  • Wider Embroidery Fields

The Brother PE770 comes with a wider field to use for embroidery at five by seven inch. With this feature, you can be able to stitch bigger frames, designs, borders and lettering. Now, you can make custom-made jacket backs, quilt squares, clothes, tote bags and accessories you have only dreamed before! This rich and wide embroidery field can give you that more space if you require larger monograms and lettering. You can also use it for combining more designs without ever needing to re-hoop very often.

  • Backlit LCD Touch Screen Monitor

The Brother PE770 comes with an extensive panel ready for viewing! With a wide display of 1.4 inch by 2.7 inches LCD display, you can edit all the embroidery design features of the machine at your convenience. In addition, you won’t have to look for them harder, you can just use and navigate the tools coming with the machine with the backlit touch screen.

  • Editable Designs

The Brother PE770 allows you to edit (increase or decrease your design), rotate or mirror any image. This way you will have the chance to check on how any of your designs look prior to stitching. It is so convenient and minimizes any errors in your creations.

There is a newer model of this machine: PE800. View Brother PE800 from Amazon.

  • Built-in Memory

You can import any embroidery designs using your flash drive, as the Brother PE770 comes with a USB port. In addition, you can keep yourself in the loop for the latest changes for the Brother PE770. Alternatively, you can opt for more designs, which are compatible, from the

  • Card Slot

If you need more designs you will love the fact that Brother PE770 comes with a card slot that will allow you to make use of the designs you will get from embroidery cards. Remember although it comes with card slot; however, embroidery cards are sold separately. You can have more options in terms of choosing your designs, so you can bring out your creative side a bit further.

  • Automatic Needle Threader

Using the Brother PE770 is a breeze! It comes with an easy to follow threading illustration, which is printed on the machine itself. Then, you will have the chance to use the automatic needle threader that will not give you a hard time threading the needle.

Who Should Buy the Brother PE770?

People looking to use a convenient and easy to use embroidery machine should opt for the Brother PE770. It comes with all the unique and cool features that they’re looking for. In addition, those looking to save money on their investment for using a high quality and durable machine should get the Brother PE770.

Product Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Packed with embroidery machine features
  • Durable
  • Reputable maker

Product Cons

  • May be a bit harder to use for first time users , especially those who are used to employing manual embroidery procedures (But everything is made easy for everyone with the backlit, illustrations and instructions coming with the machine).

  • May be a bit pricey than Se400 (But it is more than the price to consider when buying a new embroidery machine. It is about the high quality! You can get the most of your investment from the Brother PE770.)

Is The Brother PE770 Recommended?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”! Definitely, the Brother PE770 deserves a second look for its complete set of features at affordable prices. Never should you hesitate getting the most of your investment by buying your first ever embroidery from Brother International, one of the finest in the sewing and embroidery industry.

You can check it’s availability from Amazon.

There is a newer model of this machine: PE800. View Brother PE800 from Amazon.