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Brother HC1850 Review: A Closer Look At This Machine

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The Brother HC1850 is a computerized sewing machine manufactured by Brother, who has brought us many other great products in the past. If you’re reading this and you aren’t looking for the most expensive, top-of-the-line machine on the market, then you’ll like what you get with the HC1850.

What To Expect Out Of The Box:

The HC1850 is a fairly compact and lightweight model (It weighs 10.1 pounds) and it comes with all basics things you’ll need to get started right out of the box. It’s got enough new features to make it worth the upgrade if you have an older model, but not so many that it confuses and overwhelms the newcomer.

LCD Screen and Stitches:

The LCD screen is backlit and easy to read. It’s not a touchscreen, but there are push buttons to the side that will control the selection.

It has a total of 130 different stitch patterns built in and can perform all of them with excellent precision. There are also 8 different buttonhole patterns and all of them are one step auto sized.

Ease of Use:

The HC1850 finds the ideal position between functionality and usability. Meaning, the product comes with a lot of functionality, yet it’s easy for the beginner to pick up and learning.

Anyone who has experience using these machines can testify to their own confusion the first time they tried to use one.

Brother aims to make the learning process as painless as possible and they do a good job of accomplishing this by providing instructional DVD and operation manual.

What about Quilting?

It can function for quilting as well, but professional quilting definitely not its strength. It lacks some of the stitching and features you would expect from a high-quality computerized quilting machine.

Having said that it supports a total of 14 different quilt stitching functions. You can run all of these with help of quilting foot on top of a detachable wide table large enough to support your work.

While it’s true that its features aren’t as strong when it comes to professional quilting, it’s still possible to use for quilting here and there. If creating quilts are your primary goal, then you should look for main stream quilting machine.

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Ideally, you like as much automation as possible when you’re using a computerized sewing machine. The HC1850 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to automation.

One feature that you’ll find useful is the automated needle threader. This isn’t a new feature, but it’s still handy and not as common as you would expect.

The automated threader works by using a lever to control the threading mechanism. Creating buttonholes is also extremely fast and simple. It only takes one step to get a buttonhole.


It’s extremely easy for the beginner to learn.

The convenient flip chart helps you know all the stitches in a glimpse.

It sews according to your speed with adjustable speed control.

A detachable foot pedal can be used for additional control but is entirely optional.

Finally, it includes a massive library of 130 different stitching patterns and controls that make it easy to navigate.


That being said, this product does have its limitations.  For example, Hc1850 is basic quilting and the monogramming machine not suited for advanced quilting and monogramming projects.

Is Brother HC1850 Recommended?

Keeping all of these things in mind, the Brother HC1850 is still one of the best-computerized sewing machines on the market in its price range.

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Ins and Outs of Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine



• Comes with 10 specific-use presser feet.

• Loaded with 100-built in stitches.

• Has an easy threading system.

• Includes a safe and automatic bobbin winding system.

• Start stop button and speed control lever are nice additions besides foot pedal.


• Stitch selection process needs improvements. It takes time to select a specific stitch out of 100 given options.

• Walking foot is not included.

• Carrying Hard case not included only comes with dust cover.

Currently, the Singer 7258 is making a deafening noise that no one could ever doubt for, and maybe you are thinking why, especially if you were looking to buy a new sewing machine, either for your job or for your hobby.

Before coming to a conclusion, though, let’s take a closer look at this product in spotlight today. Later on, determine if this award-winning sewing machine deserves applause or a rotten tomato. Come on in and let’s begin.

Singer 7258 Product Features

LED light:

If you commonly stay late up at night working, then this product has a StayBright LED light to keep your workspace illuminated by supplying needed light on the product surface, making things easier to see while avoiding any work interruption.

The light bulb that comes with this product lasts up to 100,000 hours, so it can stay for years no matter how long you operate the machine in a day. Further, it stays cool no matter how long you keep operating the Singer 7258.

Threading system:

This product comes with a very easy to use threading system and with an automatic needle threader, too. You can entirely thread the machine in only a matter of six seconds. Worry not, though, if it’s your first time, as the Singer 7258 includes a threading instruction printed on it.

LED screen:

An innovative product on its own, it also comes with an LED display screen to show you exactly what stitch length and width you have selected.

Different Settings and Options:

Optimum settings have been set for all the stitches; however, you can modify those settings based on your sewing preference and requirements.

If you are sewing decorative stitches, you can benefit from maximum stitch width of 6mm for more prominent stitches.

The Singer 7258 provides you with 13 needle positioning options for different types of projects. So whether you are doing zippers or topstitching you have right needle position for you.

Bobbin mechanism:

It has easy-to-load bobbin mechanism letting you easily load the bobbin from the machine’s top. Additionally its clear cover is useful in monitoring the thread supply of bobbin. So you can see if it is the time to refill the bobbin and take action immediately to avoid bobbin getting tangled.

Bobbin winding is simple, automatic and keeps you safe because you don’t have to worry about the needle going up or down because its bar disengage when you’re winding the bobbin.


For maximum durability, this product is made with a heavy-duty metal frame, which is one of the toughest in the industry. In this case, you can be sure that the frame remains in place while you are working and at the same time preventing skipping stitches.

Presser foot:

Automatic adjustment of presser foot pressure help you sew from the lightest to the heaviest fabric without making adjustments on its presser foot.

Needle Positions:

You can program the needle to stay in the highest point possible ideal for removing fabric from the machine, while you can also program the needle to stop in the down position for quilting. As soon as you get used to this feature you’ll love it.

Is the Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Recommended?

Definitely, yes, it’s recommended. Singer brand is trusted worldwide and used for generations.

This product, an award-winning one in particular, comes with good features. In fact, most of the convenient, durable and quality functions any sewing hobbyist is looking for a sewing machine are in this product! It’s definitely worth your buck.


Singer quantum stylist 9960 review

If you are looking for Singer quantum stylist 9960, then you have come to the right site.singer 9960

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 offers many features and accessories to give sewers the ability to create many different projects. Whether you are a beginner sewer or have been sewing for many years, you will be able to appreciate the ease of use with this sewing machine.

Let’s take a look on some of the features this machine has to offer:

If you have trouble with setting up your thread on your machine, you won’t have that issue with this machine. It offers an automatic needle threader which makes loading the thread you wish to use swift and easy.

Thread Cutter:

There is also a one-touch automatic thread cutter which cuts both the top and bottom threads which is perfect for those who have a tendency to misplace their scissors.

Auto pilot and speed settings:

To operate on auto pilot you must first unplug the foot control and then select the start button. This is it auto pilot will take over.

Using the Speed Control lever allows you to have control over the speed to avoid snapping thread and making mistakes with your fabric. If you need to slow things down if you are working carefully with a dense design, you can slow the pace of the machine with the slow sewing speed option.

Both these features of this machine helps you sew with great control.


From the multitude of stitches, there are 13 different styles of buttonholes in addition to 5 types of fonts which allow creativity in sewing projects.


Imagine what you can do with mirror imaging and elongation functions of this machine. Mirror imaging lets you mirror image selected stitches and elongation equipped singer 9960 with the ability to increase the size of the stitches. Both these editing features provide you good control over the final look of your project.

The machine also offers a digital LCD screen allowing the user to make stitch length and width settings. Should an error occur while using the machine, there is a warning animation that will appear on the LCD screen to alert you of a problem.

Auto Bobbin winding:

The automatic bobbin winding is another useful feature. Once the bobbin has been filled it will automatically stop. However, you will want to use care when operating this feature because if you spin too quickly the thread, depending upon your quality of the thread, can snap or split and you will need to either use what is on your bobbin or load another bobbin and start over again.

Stitch Reference Chart:

The machine comes with a stitch reference chart in the top lid to help sewers select the perfect stitch for their projects.


Sewers can also stash their sewing machine accessories in the on-board storage. This storage space can be found in the removable sewing table.

Singer 9960 Or Singer 8060 

Singer 8060 (Link via Amazon) is the same machine as singer 9960, but with a purple plate on the face of the machine. Choose any one of these machines with a lower price tag.

  • Both have 600 built in stitches.
  • Both comes with extension table and bonus presser feet.
  • Both have 13 fully automatic 1 step buttonholes styles.

Stitching hard to reach areas and bigger projects:

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 also has a free arm which is perfect for hemming pants as well as working on other areas of the pattern that are hard to reach. The extension table provides a larger area to work with for such projects as quilting.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has many useful and beneficial features. When operated with tender loving care this machine will see sewers through many projects throughout the years.
singer 9960

Comprehensive review of Brother CS6000i


The Brother CS6000i presents itself as a full-packed sewing machine at a low price. It offers computerized functions, 60 built-in stitches and an LCD screen, to name a few. Let’s scrutinize the most popular sewing machine to see if it deserves praises worldwide.

If you don’t want to spend extra on accessories, the Brother CS6000i may be the perfect choice, as it comes with a complete set that you need. It comes with a walking foot, a table attachment, a blind stitch foot, extra spool pin, a hard case, a quick start guide and much more.

Who Should Buy the Brother CS6000i?

  • Those who are looking for sewing machines with the good value can throw in another look to the Brother CS6000i, as it can save tons of bucks to appreciate.

  • It is ideal for suit apparel sewers or quilters, as it can sew almost all kinds of fabric that includes but are not limited to linen, wool and denim.

  • In addition, those looking for sewing machines that come with several quilting functions can opt for the Brother CS6000i, as it allows several fabric layer feeding. They can also perform batting using it without worrying about jamming.

Overview: Brother CS6000i


In terms of reliability, nothing comes close to the Brother CS6000i! One thing that makes it stand out is that it can report an “Error.” For example you are working on a buttonhole task but have setup improperly, you will be prompted with an error report that allows you to make changes in the setup before you proceed.

Since the machine is highly computerized, you do not need to worry about mistakes; therefore, you can expect for the good sewing results!


Let’s admit it! Other sewing machines on the market work too loud, but this machine does not. This machine does not produce a weird sound, not unless your machine malfunctions.


The Brother CS6000i comes lightweight at only 16 pounds and has a cool and compact design. You can easily transport or move this machine from one place to another in a breeze.

In addition, the product makes sewing a little bit more fun using its straightforward and easy to follow instruction manual.
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Brother Cs6000i works well in all types of sewing projects that involves either basic to advanced ones. With the machine, you can create fabulous crafts, clothing, costumes and blankets, to name a few.


Aside from the innovative features that this machine can boast, it is durable, too. You can expect to use it for long while knowing that there is 25 years of limited warranty.

In the process, you can save a lot of time and money. You could just imagine that you could avoid ruining the fabric by learning about any mistake early on. Then, if you would change stitches, the Brother CS6000i can promptly display what presser is the right one to use.

Control Over Sewing Speed:

Speed can be adjusted according to the requirement of the sewing project. Variable speed controls helps you control speed at your will.

Stitches Adjustment:

Style, width and length of stitches can be adjusted and viewed on LCD screen. LCD interactive screen makes working easier and fun.

Oversized Stitching Area:

If you’re a quilter, then you’re going to love it even more, as it comes with an extension table, too. This way you can easily work on large projects and any quilting tasks, and treat them like a piece of cake.

Easy Threading And Bobbin Winding:

Placing thread in “CS6000i” machine is very easy. Bobbin winding can be done without problem. Bobbin thread is also easily reachable that makes sewing experience more comfortable.

Negative Points:

Let’s take a look at some of the cons of the brother cs6000i, so that you can get the clear picture and take informed decision.

LCD Area Is Small:

LCD screen of this machine is small but you get clear view.

Voltage Limitations:

Brother CS6000i only operates in countries that support 120V AC. If you are living in country that does not support this voltage, do not buy it. It would not work even with voltage adapter.

Is The Brother CS6000i Recommended?

Based from the specific features and overall package that comes with the sewing machine, you can figure out that it is worth any tailor’s spending. If you live in country that allow 120V AC then it can be one ideal machine that will help you to sew everything you desire.

If you have high expectations on your next sewing equipment but don’t have that much budget to spend, then you may want to consider opting for the Brother CS6000i.


Pros and cons of Brother Designio Series DZ2400

If you are looking for Brother DZ2400, you can check it’s availability from Amazon.

Certain factors and features should be considered before buying a new sewing machine so that one can be sure of his investment, and one product that shines on reviews is the Designio Series DZ2400. Read this to find out if this product deserves to be a part of your comparison list.

Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Product Features

The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 is built and designed with class because the maker ensured that it is packed with compact features and innovations that are all included to make sewing convenient, easier and faster.

• This model is one of the six models that Brother rolled out and launched for the Designio Series, the make and design of this is carefully thought of and is focused on the ideas of the designer, allowing them to bring their imaginations into life.

• The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 is designed with 185 built-in stitching patterns along with 55 alphanumeric stitches and 130 patterns of sewing stitches, so users can take advantage of multiple sewing options based from their needs.

• The user manual of this model comes in two languages, English and Spanish, so users will not find a hard time in figuring things out on how to use it.

• It comes with a 25-year limited warranty, meaning that users can make sure that they have a cover if something goes wrong with their unit.

• Its work area is lighted up by LED lights, making viewing easier even on dark fabrics.

• The product comes with a pressure control through the foot Controller, meaning that this product is very convenient to use.

• This product includes twelve different quilting and sewing feet which allows users to customize quilting and sewing designs. Advanced needle thread function save time while trying so many different options.

• This model includes a large table that makes it easier to work on bigger projects like quilts and costumes.

• Other than that, this model lets you take control of the sewing speed easily, with the help of simple slide lever. Beginners who seek to explore their creativity and skills as a sewer shouldn’t have any issues doing that.

• The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 comes with a bobbin which is easy to set and and jam resistant so that sewers can sew without any hassle and get satisfying stitch formation every time they sew.

Product Pros

• User-friendly sewing machine.
• Advanced Threading system.
• Quality Accessories like feet, extra large table and more.

Product Cons

• Lack of Automatic Thread Cutter.
• No USB support.
• Smaller LCD Display Size than DZ3000 and DZ2750.

Is Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Recommended?

Due to a tough and competitive market for sewing machines, every manufacturer should develop one that should stand out. One that would catch the attention of many and one that would be as effective as it can be when it comes to sewing clothes of any fabric type. With all the discussions and arguments, the Brother Designio Series DZ2400 deserves to get its second look.

You can check it’s availability from Amazon.