Pros and cons of Brother Designio Series DZ2400

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Certain factors and features should be considered before buying a new sewing machine so that one can be sure of his investment, and one product that shines on reviews is the Designio Series DZ2400. Read this to find out if this product deserves to be a part of your comparison list.

Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Product Features

The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 is built and designed with class because the maker ensured that it is packed with compact features and innovations that are all included to make sewing convenient, easier and faster.

• This model is one of the six models that Brother rolled out and launched for the Designio Series, the make and design of this is carefully thought of and is focused on the ideas of the designer, allowing them to bring their imaginations into life.

• The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 is designed with 185 built-in stitching patterns along with 55 alphanumeric stitches and 130 patterns of sewing stitches, so users can take advantage of multiple sewing options based from their needs.

• The user manual of this model comes in two languages, English and Spanish, so users will not find a hard time in figuring things out on how to use it.

• It comes with a 25-year limited warranty, meaning that users can make sure that they have a cover if something goes wrong with their unit.

• Its work area is lighted up by LED lights, making viewing easier even on dark fabrics.

• The product comes with a pressure control through the foot Controller, meaning that this product is very convenient to use.

• This product includes twelve different quilting and sewing feet which allows users to customize quilting and sewing designs. Advanced needle thread function save time while trying so many different options.

• This model includes a large table that makes it easier to work on bigger projects like quilts and costumes.

• Other than that, this model lets you take control of the sewing speed easily, with the help of simple slide lever. Beginners who seek to explore their creativity and skills as a sewer shouldn’t have any issues doing that.

• The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 comes with a bobbin which is easy to set and and jam resistant so that sewers can sew without any hassle and get satisfying stitch formation every time they sew.

Product Pros

• User-friendly sewing machine.
• Advanced Threading system.
• Quality Accessories like feet, extra large table and more.

Product Cons

• Lack of Automatic Thread Cutter.
• No USB support.
• Smaller LCD Display Size than DZ3000 and DZ2750.

Is Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Recommended?

Due to a tough and competitive market for sewing machines, every manufacturer should develop one that should stand out. One that would catch the attention of many and one that would be as effective as it can be when it comes to sewing clothes of any fabric type. With all the discussions and arguments, the Brother Designio Series DZ2400 deserves to get its second look.

You can check it’s availability from Amazon.